BMCNO Cars and Coffee and outstanding weather brought out nearly two dozen club members Saturday, filling the parking lot on Florida Street in Mandeville with great little British cars. We come for the coffee and stay for the cars. After breakfast, a 40-mile drive took us through the countryside north of Abita Springs, ending at a model train expo at the American Legion Hall in Covington. Grown men playing with toys—ha!



















Below are most of the entries at our British Car Festival held in Covington, LA on Saturday 23 March 2024. (Unfortunately, some of the cars missed the photo area.)

Last Thursday, March 18th, we had 19 folks (including 3 potential members) at the chapter meeting at the Abita Brew Pub, the first since the pandemic shutdown last June and an all-time record attendance for our group. We enjoyed the excellent company and catching up with everyone as well as Colin and Cliff’s report on the 2020 Amelia Island Concours.

Several members reported on recent work on their cars. Colin has been working on his Alpine; had the radiator serviced and replaced the water pump, negative battery cable, gas tank vent and filler pipes. Benny installed 2 SUs on his Spitfire to replace the US spec 2-barrel carb. David is replacing the thermostat on his MGB-GT and talked about a visit to A-to-Z Salvage yard in Albany. Cort worked on the head seals of his Morgan and got some period correct tires as well.

Saturday March 20th, 18 folks (another record) attended Cars & Coffee at Reiger’s on the Trace in Mandeville. In lieu of a drive afterward, Benny, Wiley, Cliff, Hugh, and Colin put their cars up on Jimmie and Debbie’s lift and wrenched, oiled, and greased our underbellies. Robert, Mike, Terry, Debbie, Richard, and everyone else provided extra hands, advice, commentary, and camaraderie. Jimmie worked the lift and provided whatever tools we needed.

A splendid time was had by all. The Northshore chapter is back full-time and rolling.

Colin McCormick
Mandeville, LA

It was a great evening in Fontainebleau State Park, even though the size of the crowd at the park gave us some concern when we drove in at 4:35 and had to wait in line at the entrance. I have never seen so many people enjoying the park before. I thought the crowd was for some kind of special event, but the ranger said that size crowd was normal for a Saturday.

We found a pavilion that is never available by reservation with 17 tables right on the lake, and it was EMPTY!! We settled in with our picnic suppers and enjoyed the sunset as much as the company: Colin & Celia, Hans & Sue, Benny & Lilly, Carol & Wayne, Cliff & Linda, Hugh C., Allan M., and our intrepid members who joined us from the Southshore: Ed Vail & guest and Ronnie P. and Karen M.

Thank you to everybody who made this a success.

Colin McCormick
Mandeville, LA
Keep Healthy, Keep Calm and Drive On

Cars & Coffee 10-10-2020

The Northshore Cars & Coffee on Oct 10 at Daisy Dukes-Mandeville was well attended by hardy, hurricane-proof members Dean D., Hans H., Cliff H., Robert H., David J., Allan M., Colin Mc., Robert R., and Benny S. who did their duty to support the local food service economy.

Robert M and his son Christian joined us for the drive.

After breakfast five of us did a 66 mile loop around northern St Tammany parish ending at the Covington trailhead of the Tammany Trace bicycle path. 

A splendid time was had by all.

Keep Healthy Keep Calm and Drive On
Colin McCormick

Mandeville, LA

Saturday Oct 3rd at Cars & Coffee we picked up a new member Kathleen Young and Arthur Swanson who drive a white 2004 Jaguar XK8.

Other attendees were: Hugh Coleman, Dean Duplantier, Wally Gettys, Hans Hassinger with a guest, Bob Hurst, BIll Jackson, Allan Maxwell, Colin McCormick, Robert Rougelot, Benny Stiegler, and Debbie and Jimmie Watts. 

Brian, the manager at Daisy Dukes, invited us to participate in Trick or Trunk in the parking lot on Friday October 30th. He will be showing “The Munsters” movie outside as a drive in movie. 

After breakfast seven of us drove to Debbie & Jimmie’s who graciously offered the use of their lift for our tech session. Colin, Benny, Hugh and Robert put their cars on the lift for small adjustments and corrections. 

A splendid time was had by all!

Colin McCormick

Mandeville, LA

The Northshore group had Cars & Coffee at our usual spot, Daisy Dukes on West Causeway Approach. 

In attendance were: High Coleman, Dean Duplantier, Wally Gettys, Paul Guichard, Hans Hassinger, Cliff Hughes, Bob Hurst, David Jones, Allan Maxwell, Colin McCormick, Bob and Christian Muller, Benny Stiegler.

We discussed last weekend’s Brits on the Bluff car show.

Last week Colin put out a call for possible tech sessions suggested at our last meeting; a detailer to do one of our cars and explain what products they use and why and/or a person with access to a lift so we can get under our cars to tighten where the drips are and to inspect for other things that need attention. 

We now have a volunteer with a lift, and we are working out the details for the session.

After breakfast a few of us drove to Ponchatoula for a small car show we learned of at the last minute. 

Colin McCormick

Mandeville, LA