Last Thursday, March 18th, we had 19 folks (including 3 potential members) at the chapter meeting at the Abita Brew Pub, the first since the pandemic shutdown last June and an all-time record attendance for our group. We enjoyed the excellent company and catching up with everyone as well as Colin and Cliff’s report on the 2020 Amelia Island Concours.

Several members reported on recent work on their cars. Colin has been working on his Alpine; had the radiator serviced and replaced the water pump, negative battery cable, gas tank vent and filler pipes. Benny installed 2 SUs on his Spitfire to replace the US spec 2-barrel carb. David is replacing the thermostat on his MGB-GT and talked about a visit to A-to-Z Salvage yard in Albany. Cort worked on the head seals of his Morgan and got some period correct tires as well.

Saturday March 20th, 18 folks (another record) attended Cars & Coffee at Reiger’s on the Trace in Mandeville. In lieu of a drive afterward, Benny, Wiley, Cliff, Hugh, and Colin put their cars up on Jimmie and Debbie’s lift and wrenched, oiled, and greased our underbellies. Robert, Mike, Terry, Debbie, Richard, and everyone else provided extra hands, advice, commentary, and camaraderie. Jimmie worked the lift and provided whatever tools we needed.

A splendid time was had by all. The Northshore chapter is back full-time and rolling.

Colin McCormick
Mandeville, LA

September 9, 2020, Café American, Baton Rouge

We had 10 members attend our September meeting last night at Cafe’ American in the big room, so we were able to spread out some.  

We talked about the upcoming Natchez British Car Show, Cruisin’ the Coast, The Euro Fest in MS, and Fairhope.

The Saturday morning cruise breakfasts at Cracker Barrel have been well attended by the ‘British’ segment, although we do sit kinda close to each other.  Most Saturday at 7:00am at the Cracker Barrel on Airline at I-12 in Baton Rouge (by Celebration Station).  Rick will plan a drive from there one morning when the weather looks nice.  Probably leave around 8:30 and travel roads North, but he will let everyone know.

Talked about projects – Bobby’s rattle, Rick’s Lotus’ wiring and tires, and Jaguar carburetor problems…  And starter problems.

Randy Fleming was presented a wall plaque with his “MGM garage alternator adjustment tool” from the Natchez car show a year or two ago.  It was a stick on a string, designed (in theory) that if your belt loosened on the road just pull the string and the stick would wedge the alternator tighter.  Didn’t work in practical application, but it was a good reminder that we got him going that weekend and he was able to limp home in the Mini.

The “Loo Lid” Award – lovely Union Jack toilet seat – was created to “honor” those club members who drive their LBC to club events.  If you break down and can’t fix your car with parts you have with you… you get to take the seat and carry it until the next person breaks down!  Fun! 

This month Reg Dunbar gave up the seat to Bobby Spann, for having alternator/battery problems that turned him around from driving to breakfast a couple of weeks ago.   *note: Rick and I were holding our breaths and then washed our hands.

Then we drew numbers to see who got to pick first from the AWESOME face masks Cathy Greenfelder made!!!  Everyone loved them!

Cruise Safe,

Roving Reporter

Bobby Spann

For the second month in a row, the General Meeting in New Orleans, scheduled for August 25, 2020, was cancelled due to weather. With Hurricanes Laura and Marco bearing down on the Louisiana coast (and New Orleans in both cones of uncertainty) the board voted to cancel the meeting.   

As it turned out, Marco degraded to a minimal tropical storm for New Orleans.  However, Laura continued to strengthen, eventually making landfall as a category 4 storm near Lake Charles on Thursday August 27.

Cathy Greensfelder, Secretary