1. The Club shall be called British Motoring Club New Orleans, in these rules referred to as “the Club.”
  2. The objectives of the Club are:
    (a) To promote the sport and pastime of motoring in all its branches, and in particular, to further the interest of ownership and driving of British motor vehicles.

    (b) To encourage the preservation, ownership, and operation of British motor vehicles; to act as a source of technical information; to provide and regulate events and exhibitions for British motor vehicles and their owners, and to offer prizes and awards in respect thereof; and to encourage careful and skillful driving on the public highways.

    (c) To extend to owners and drivers of British motor vehicles and their friends, and to all persons interested in motoring sports the hospitality, privileges and conveniences enjoyed in connection with the Club.
    Any person who is or has been the owner of a British motor vehicle, or who is in sympathy with the objectives of the Club, shall be eligible for membership. Membership shall be open to all irrespective of age, race, sex, creed or national origin. The classes of membership shall be:

    (a) Full Members: membership shall be open to all persons who own or regularly drive a British motor vehicle or are interested in British motor vehicles.

    (b) Student Members: Student membership shall be open to persons not yet eighteen (18) years of age. The written permission of one or both parents or guardians is required before elected into membership. Student members shall be entitled to the same benefits and subject to the same regulations as Full Members.

    (c) Life Members: Life membership shall be open to persons who qualify as Full Members. Life Members shall be subject to the same regulations and entitled to the same benefits as full members. Dues for Life Membership shall be a one-time fee of ten times the Full Member annual renewal rate.
    Except as expressly authorized, no member of the Club shall have any power to contract on behalf of, or pledge the credit of the Club. No member shall have the right of action against the Club arising out of relations subsisting between the Club and any member.
    The election of candidates for membership of the Club shall be effected in this manner:

    (a) The Membership Committee, consisting of the officers of the Club, shall review membership applications at the Officer’s Meeting and elect or reject the applicants by majority vote. If rejected, the applicant’s dues will be refunded fully.

    (b) By choosing to join the Club, all new members must sign a statement agreeing to abide by the laws set forth by the Club in the By-Laws.
    (a) Membership will automatically lapse for nonpayment of dues at due date.

    (b) Any member may be suspended for infraction of the Club rules by vote of a majority of the Board of Directors or for other causes if a majority of the Board of Directors shall deem such suspension to be in the best interest of the Club. Upon such suspension, the member shall be so informed in writing and shall be given a reasonable opportunity to be heard. Any member suspended as provided above may be presented at the next General Meeting for expulsion and shall be expelled if a majority of the members present vote to expel said member. The vote shall be by secret ballot.

    (c) Any member may resign by directing a letter of resignation to the Treasurer. The resignation shall be effective upon receipt, only provided all indebtedness to the Club has been paid.

    (d) Any and all disciplinary actions for infractions of the Club rules shall be decided solely by the Board of Directors.

    (e) Dues will not be prorated for termination of membership, whether voluntary or involuntary.

    The term of membership shall run from July1 to June 30 and must be renewed before the end of the term. Dues will be decided by the Board of Directors.

    (a) Authority: All of the corporate powers of this corporation and the management of its affairs shall be vested in and controlled by the Board of Directors.

    (b) Election and Term: Directors shall be elected annually by the members at a General Meeting of the club in the last quarter of each calendar year. Nominations for officers must be received by the Secretary four weeks prior to the General Meeting at which the election is to be held. Such directors shall assume office at the January officers’ meeting and shall hold office for one year, with the limitation of three (3) consecutive terms in any one position. The exception to the term limitation being that of the office of Editor. In the event a director’s position becomes vacant, the Board of Directors shall appoint a replacement officer until the next General meeting at which the club shall elect a replacement director.

    (c) Number of Directors: The Board of Directors shall consist of five members, who shall also serve as the President, Vice-President, Newsletter Editor, Secretary, and Treasurer of the Club. Additional directors (herein referred to as members-at-large) shall be elected for every thirty (30) members in good standing. When the average number of members exceeds thirty per each member-at-large, another member-at-large shall be added to the Board of Directors at the next scheduled election of Directors.

    (d) Duties
    President: The President shall preside at all meetings of the members and officers and shall perform the duties usually pertaining to this office. The President will serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the Club and as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Special meetings may be called only by the President’s authority.

    Vice President: It shall be the duty of the Vice President to act as Activities Director and Chairman of all Club Committees. In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall preside at meetings of the members and officers.

    Treasurer: The Treasurer shall, subject to such conditions and restrictions as may be made by the officers, have custody of all monies, debts, and obligations belonging to the Club. All money of the Club shall be received and deposited into the Club account by the Treasurer. All debts of the Club shall be paid by the Treasurer. Any contracts, checking drafts, notes, or other orders for payment of money shall be co-signed in the name of the Club by the President and the Treasurer. The Treasurer shall be prepared to report on the financial status of the Club at every meeting.

    Secretary: The secretary shall keep records of all minutes and notes. The Secretary shall keep an updated roll of all Club members. The Secretary shall prepare the ballot for election of officers and process absentee ballots.

    Newsletter Editor: The Newsletter Editor shall publish a club newsletter as set forth elsewhere in these by-laws.

    Members-at-Large: It shall be the duty of the Members-at-Large to represent the general club membership at all meetings. Members-at-Large may be assigned certain duties by a majority of the officers.

    (e) No obligations, debts, or other liability shall be incurred on behalf of the Club by any board member without the specific prior approval of a majority of the directors.

    (a) General membership meetings shall be held once a month. Any changes in the meeting place or time shall be voted on by the Board and published in the newsletter the month preceding the change.

    (b) Any corporate action or resolution, other than the amendment of the Articles of Incorporation or the amendment of the By-Laws, may be taken or passed by affirmative vote of a majority of the members present.

    (c) A quorum at a general membership meeting is required for amendment of the Articles of Incorporation, amendment of the By-Laws and election of officers. A quorum at a general membership meeting will exist when 20% of the membership is present or represented by properly executed absentee ballots in possession of the club secretary or his/her designee.

    (d) The Board may appoint regional coordinators to conduct regional meetings for the convenience of members living outside the New Orleans area. For the purposes of voting for amendments to the by-laws, amendments to Articles of Incorporation and election of officers, members present and voting at a designated regional meeting shall be considered present and voting at the General Membership meeting and shall contribute towards forming a quorum. Regional meetings at which such a vote will be taken must be prior to the General Meeting at which the vote it to be taken. The date and time of any Regional Meetings at which a vote will be take shall be published the month before the General meeting at which the vote will be taken.

    (e) The Officer’s Meeting shall be held two weeks before the General Meeting. The date, time and place will be decided by a simple majority of the officers.

    (f) A quorum at the Officer’s Meeting will exist with seventy-five percent (75%) of the officers.

    Any member in good standing, by written petition submitted to the Secretary, may propose an amendment to the By-Laws. Upon such proposal being made, the proposed amendment must be published in the next two newsletters. A copy shall be made available to each member at the next two general membership meetings and any regional meetings. Members may vote for or against said proposal, whether by ballot or by show of hands, at the general membership meeting and any regional meetings following the second publication of said proposal. If a majority of the members present and voting (including members present and voting at any regional meetings and properly executed absentee ballots) decide in favor of the proposal, the amendment shall be approved and adopted. Upon approval, notice shall be sent to each member of the Club and shall immediately become effective and binding upon all the members of the Club.

    Absentee ballots must be submitted to the Secretary no later than 48 hours before the General Meeting at which any election or vote is scheduled to take place. Valid absentee ballots in possession of the Secretary or his or her designee at a General Meeting shall count towards a quorum when voting on amendment of the Articles of Incorporation, amendment of the By-Laws and election of officers.

    A newsletter shall be published once a month before the General Club membership meeting.

    All events are required to follow the recognized rules and procedures that apply to that event at time of execution. Any illegal or unsafe act is prohibited.

revised 07/01/09