Saturday Oct 3rd at Cars & Coffee we picked up a new member Kathleen Young and Arthur Swanson who drive a white 2004 Jaguar XK8.

Other attendees were: Hugh Coleman, Dean Duplantier, Wally Gettys, Hans Hassinger with a guest, Bob Hurst, BIll Jackson, Allan Maxwell, Colin McCormick, Robert Rougelot, Benny Stiegler, and Debbie and Jimmie Watts. 

Brian, the manager at Daisy Dukes, invited us to participate in Trick or Trunk in the parking lot on Friday October 30th. He will be showing “The Munsters” movie outside as a drive in movie. 

After breakfast seven of us drove to Debbie & Jimmie’s who graciously offered the use of their lift for our tech session. Colin, Benny, Hugh and Robert put their cars on the lift for small adjustments and corrections. 

A splendid time was had by all!

Colin McCormick

Mandeville, LA

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