Wow, what a nice weekend!  Rick & Mary Lynne, Milton & Annette, Darrell & Tom, Wally & Lu Lu and I drove up Friday and joined the Mississippi club for lunch at Roux 61.  Danny & Randy met the North & South Shore group and caravanned up with them. (see Benny’s post)

Later Milton & Annette, Darrell & Tom and Wally & Lu Lu and I toured the Longwood Antebellum house – the largest octagonal house in America!  It was impressive.  Then we had a very nice reception that night at the Grand Hotel.

Saturday the BR group put together our Valve Cover Racetrack while cars filed in.  Of 48 cars, 27 were BMCNO!  Very laid back show – but too quiet.  They never plugged in their sound system, no announcements or music… 

Our Valve Cover races went over really well and had 9 valve cover racers.  Danny won by a photo finish.  Literally!  Benny won Valve Cover “Best of Show” with his Rat Rod.  Many BMCNO class winners – Cathy added them below.

Saturday lunch at the Pig Out Inn and that night a lot of us went to Fat Mamas for Mexican and a bunch of the South Shore folks went to Monmouth Plantation.

Cruised home with 14 cars in the caravan to Gloster!!!


Roving Reporter

Hugh Coleman1978 MGB1st in Class
Randy Flemming1981 Mini Van-10002nd in Class
Tom Halbert1959 MGA 16003rd in Class
Hans Hassinger1972 MGB1st in Class
Hard Luck
Rick Huber1964 Austin Healey 30001st in Class
Cliff Hughes1960 MGA2nd in Class
Bill Lacher1959 Triumph TR3-A1st in Class
Dan McGovern1977 MG Midget3rd in Class
Bill McQuade1974 Triumph TR62nd in Class
Tobey Pitman2009 Jaguar XK Super V8 Portfolio1st in Class
Blake Sonnier1972 MGB3rd in Class
Benny Stiegler1967 Austin Healey Sprite1st in Class
Keith Vezina1978 MGB-V82nd in Class
Wally Waguespack2004 Jaguar XK81st in Class

Much thanks to English Motoring Club of Mississippi for hosting Brits on the Bluff this weekend in Natchez. Almost forty BMCNO members and spouses made the trip entering 26 British cars in the show. Everyone had a wonderful weekend A leaky radiator on the way and a faulty coil connection on the way back added to the fun! And kudos to our Baton Rouge buds for bringing valve cover racing to Mississippi! The trial runs were a blast, and we hope many more participate at our club’s show on March 23rd in Covington!

Fri Sept 18 – Sat Sept 19, 2020 Natchez, MS

The North and South Shore met on Friday, September 18 in Ponchatoula and drove the back roads to Gloster, MS to meet the Baton Rouge convoy. It was mostly overcast so the temperature was just perfect with the top down, but the sun peaked through enough to not be gloomy.

The route Colin McCormick mapped out was tree-shaded with gently rolling hills and a few turns that actually deserved their reduced speed signs. Colin led in his 67 Sunbeam Alpine, followed by Cliff Hughes’ MGA, Benny Stielger’s 76 Spitfire (with his video camera riding shotgun), Allen & Susan Bradley in their MG Magnette, and then the “designated Japanese chase cars”. Linda H, Claudia M and Lilly S were in Lilly’s Kia Soul and Mark and Cathy Greensfelder in his Ford Escape

Cathy had planned to drive her ‘01 Jaguar XK8 but it had developed a “case of the vapors” the day before (“Reduced Performance” warning on the dash and codes for Air Temp sensor and Knock sensor). They ended up driving Mark’s Ford Escape. The route got far enough off the beaten path that Mark lost cell service and had to give up streaming his news show. But they had the SUV’s sunroof and windows open to keep in the spirit of the event!

In Gloster, MS the group joined up with the Baton Rouge convoy led by Danny Varnado (aka Colonel Mustard) in his 70 TR6. Jerry Willson drove his 73 TR6 and Randy Flemming was in his 81 Mini Cooper. From Gloster, Danny led the way to Natchez through the Homochitto National Forest via more 2 lane, tree-lined roads.

More BMCNO members arrived independently. Hugh Coleman brought his MGB, Rick and Mary Lynne Huber entered his Austin Healey. Hank and Betsy Harper were there with his MGC and Wally and Linda Wagguespack came in their Jaguar XK8.

Danny and Carol Meyer, their daughter, son-in-law Daren Forte and grandchild; Jim and Honie Smith and Rob Crowzer all came in their non-British cars just to enjoy the show. (Hey, if the MG won’t run, drive the GM!!) The club ended up with 27 people attending.

Saturday was great with temperatures in the upper 70s, a slight overcast (no sunburns!) and breezy.  Almost perfect for a British Car Show!. The site on the top of the bluff overlooking the Mississippi River was big enough that everyone could spread out. The participants were good about social distancing and wearing masks when they had to be up close. Cathy Greensfelder passed out cloth masks she made – she’s been sewing while staying home!  

It was a small show – only 39 cars, 11 of them from BMCNO – so there was a high percentage of small classes. Wally Waguespack’s Jaguar was the only car that didn’t place but there were 6 cars in the Jaguar class. (It would have been 7, if Cathy’s Jag had made it!)

BMCNO member Danny Varnado won the Best in Show trophy with his glossy black 1970 Triumph TR6. Danny has put a lot of work into the car. He replaced the (dim and unreadable) stock gauges on the dash with gorgeous backlit gauges that glow red at night. After the Friday reception he had turned the car on to show the gauges in the dark. They were bright enough you could read them from the back bumper but in a nice red that would preserve your night vision!! He had a lot of fun during the show putting the gauges in demonstration mode so they cycled up and down!


  • Allen & Susan Bradley ⇒ 1957 MG Magnette, 1st Place
  • Hugh Coleman Jr ⇒ 1978 MGB, 1st Place
  • Randy Flemming ⇒ 1981 Mini Cooper Estate Van, 1st Place
  • Hank & Betsy Harper ⇒ 1969 MGC, 1st Place
  • Rick & Mary Lynn Huber ⇒ 1964 Austin Healey 3000, 1st Place
  • Cliff & Linda Hughes ⇒ 1960 MGA, 1st Place
  • Colin & Celia McCormick ⇒ 1967 Sunbeam Alpine, 1st Place
  • Benny & Lilly Stiegler ⇒ 1976 Triumph Spitfire 1500, 1st Place
  • Danny Varnado ⇒ 1970 Triumph TR6, 1st Place, Best in Show!!
  • Wally Waguespack ⇒ 2004 Jaguar XK8
  • Jerry Willson  ⇒1973 Triumph TR6, 2nd Place