Hey, nice BMCNO club meeting this week!  We had 10 members attend at Cafe’ American in the back room and we weren’t crowded at all.  I tried to run the meeting for Rick, but we missed his organization skills!  John and Mary brought 3 door prizes that were pretty cool.  Well, 2 cool door prizes and a Booby Prize – Bill Avery’s old air compressor.  He plugged it in and the waitress came running to see what we had blown up!  I guess with some fittings you might be able to air up a bicycle tire with it…

Cathy Greenfelder sent us 4 more masks she made for the BR group and we passed them out.  She is so talented!

This morning 4 of the the usual suspects gathered at The Warehouse Restaurant for some British bench racing and good food.   If the weather doesn’t get better we may morph into the German Motoring Club!  (see picture)  We talked about the James Bond movie franchise, members who weren’t present (excluding Danny Bergeron who at least had the decency to call us on the phone) and how Jerry’s brother in law is doing.  I told the group I may have a line on 4 MGB parts cars for $1,800.  Waiting for contact info now.

John Paul at the Cushman table was telling me Robert Parent’s family may be clearing out his garage soon.  So I checked with Robert’s daughter and they are NOT selling anything just yet.  When I hear otherwise, I’ll let you know.  There is a treasure trove of old hot rods and parts, early Corvettes and more tools that all of us have put together, including maybe a lathe and milling machine.  

Randy is 99% done with the harmonic balancer bolt repair on his Mini, so I expect to see more British cars as the weather dries out.  

Cruise Safe,

Roving Reporter 

BR Cruise Dec 12, 2020

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