What a great morning in the Central / Baton Rouge area!

At 8:00 a.m., me-MGB, Milton-TR4, Jerry-Mustang, Randy-Mini Panel and Danny-TR6 (plus Danny B in a vintage Ford XL pickup) showed up at MePa’s in Central, but they were closed due to air conditioning problems. So we quickly decided to cruise over to the Warehouse on South Choctaw in Baton Rouge. Milton pulled up smoking and Danny diagnosed it as his left front brake caliper locking up. He said he’d gingerly drive home using the hand brake…

Not too crowded at the Warehouse and we got the big table in the main room. Good food and perky waitresses too! Had a nice discussion on LBC’s, Milton’s 10 Minute Vacation Location, camper trailers, and NASCAR & “flags of the South.” And we hit on subjects like why Carol is selling her Jaguar…

If you live in the area – come on out one Saturday morning! If you show up and nobody is there – give me a call on my cell at 975-1928. If you live in the Gonzales area I believe there is a car group that meets at Frank’s on Airline…

Afterward I told the group about my problem – couldn’t get my center cap off the steering wheel. Well, just so happens Danny is ‘the Norwegian Thumb Wrestling Champion’ and in short order he got it off! FYI for all you 1970 MGB owners – on the early cars at least – this is how the button looks. Hopefully the bitchin’ wooden wheel Rob gave me will go on without any problems.

Next Saturday Fr. Ralph Howe of St. James Episcopal Church downtown is retiring and there will be a little parade for him at 10:00 down 4th street. Since I am a 3rd generation at St. James, I plan on being there – might be fun to cruise over after breakfast in our Little British Cars and show off! I’ll send more details later in the week.

Cruise safe,

Roving Reporter

Bobby Spann

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