Saturday, 18 November 2023 was the BMCNO E.E. Reynolds Memorial Rallye.

The first E.E. Reynolds Memorial Rallye was held in 1978 when our club was known as The Louisiana Centre MG Car Club. We continued the tradition Saturday morning with a not-so-serious competition, starting at the Backroads Mercantile in Waldheim, LA and traveling along lonesome roads and busier highways in St. Tammany and Washington Parishes. We did our best to follow directions and drive at the right speed to earn points. We all became somewhat if not completely lost, but we did eventually all end up in the same place.

The actual rallye route was secret until you got there Saturday morning. The end was also secret but actually turned out to be the starting point.

Rick and Mary Lynne won the Grand Rallye prize. Colin and Richard came in second. Then we treated ourselves to lunch at Abita Brew Pub before heading home.

We owe a great deal of thanks to Wally and Lulu for organizing the event and making it a great day!


2023 BMCNO Road Rally Rules

All participants must complete and sign the EVENT REGISTRATION AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY form to enter.

All Cars start with 0 points:

  • Points will be assessed at ONE (1) point per minute from your start time to your finish time.
  • The rally has established the goal made up of the total number of minutes (average of 3 run of the route) along with the total correct answers to the route and bonus questions. The winner is the total score closest to the established score.
  • Early Arrival (better known at TOO FAST) you will have more minutes than the goal.
  • Late Arrival (better known as TOO SLOW) you will have less minutes than the goal.

Question answered or information each filled in correctly = 5 points per added to form your total points.

Bonus Question or information each answered correctly = 5 points added to form your total points.

Closest to the established total points in the winner.


Do Not Use Google Maps, Waze, road maps (not that they would do you any good) unless your mileage and or speedometer does not work, and MPH.

All participants will be given a panic envelope. The envelope contains the end point of the rally. Open the Panic Envelope will disqualify you. We will need you at the finish of the rally.

Use the posted speed limit where indicated, including slowing for curves. If you don’t see a speed limit sign when you enter a highway, go 55 mph. * denotes small street name signs (look closely).