Membership/Renewal Application
Print & Mail this form to submit your application.

Name: ____________________________________Spouse's Name: ________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________

City: ______________________________State: ________ Zip Code: ______________

Home Phone: ________________Work Phone: _______________ Cell: _____________

E-mail: ___________________________ Occupation: __________________________

Where did you learn of BMCNO? ___________________________________________

To what other car clubs do you belong? _______________________________________

                ____Include information in the Online Web Directory       
                ____Please list me as ICE, (In Case of Emergency) willing to render assistance to members
                        who break down in my area.
1st CAR
2nd CAR
3rd CAR
Make:________________ Make:________________ Make:________________
Model:_______________ Model:_______________ Model:_______________
Year:_________________ Year:_________________ Year:_________________
Body Style:____________ Body Style:____________ Body Style:____________
Color:________________ Color:________________ Color:________________

Membership - $24 per year, July 1 to June 30 (pro-rated the first year at $2 per month until June 30).

First Year Dues when joining in the month of:         (Please circle ammounts Paid)
June-$24 July-$22 August-$20 September-$18 October-$16 November-$14
December-$12 January-$10 February-$8 March-$6 April-$4 May-$2
Subsequent years are $24 due in June.
Enclose your check payable to “British Motoring Club New Orleans (BMCNO)" and return to:
British Motoring Club New Orleans , P.O. Box 73213 , Metairie, LA 70033

"I agree to abide by the rules and regulations as set forth by the Club Officers under The British Motoring Club New Orleans, Inc. Charter and By-Laws."

Signature _____________________________________ Date: ____________